Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello Friends!!!

Today it was soooo beautiful I had to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine sitting under the Apricot tree in my yard. I've been cooped up in the house for the most part as I am currently not working. *SIGH* I hope to find a job real soon though as I'm anxious to go back to work.

This is a pic of the Apricot tree with the lovely blossoms in full bloom:

Here is a close up~

Aren't these blossoms gorgeous? I thought about using these photos for creating postcards.

I gathered a bunch of my stationery, crafting supplies, stickers, pens, etc to write letters and create some decos. I only had a few hours to enjoy the sunshine since I started rather late in the day but perhaps I will do this again tomorrow.

My Hello Kitty organizer/address book~

Basket of papers for creating mail art "CUTE MAIL."~

Containers with pens, deco tape, and stickers~

Basket full of various deco tape~

A pretty Parisian theme box full of a few rubber and acrylic stamps, lace trims, ink, double stick tape, etc.~

Some of my stationery/letter sets~

Sadly, I only manage to create 2 decos as the sun was setting. *LE SIGH* I will post pics later as I'm not quite done. I'm also gonna finish working on some letter writing as I am determine to get a couple written before I go to bed.

I hope you all had a wonderful day!!!

Much Aloha~


  1. Wow, such cute stuff and you have everything so wonderfully organized. What a beautiful place to write your letters and create:)

  2. Aw, thanks for sharing~ Looks like a good time out there. I had a mess on the floor since my cat was sleeping on my chair. I made three decos and signed about three as well. Today I need to focus on letters. Beautiful blossoms! You have the coolest stuff, hehe. xoxo

  3. Aahh! Omg's by the millions, Jess! Gorgeous and pretty pictures of your deco and letter stuff! I can't wait to start writing letters and have pen-pals :D The outside lighting makes the picture so beautiful! Thanks for sharing xoxo~hugs~

  4. Hi Jessica! :) What a pretty post with the blossoms and outsied light on your supplies. Those blossoms are so pretty. I love the smell of lilacs in the spring so I'm thinking of planting a bush this spring. I loved seeing your supplies, so pretty and colourful. :) You're so lucky to be able to sit outside and work on your letters and decos. Here it has been rather warm and sunny this week but not enough to see outside with stuff to do yet. :( Oh well! Look forward to seeing more photos of your supplies. :) Have a nice weekend!