Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On Sunday afternoon I met up with my dear friend Iris. We went to the Nail salon to get a mani-pedi and did some shopping too. We were on the hunt for some deals on craft supplies (scrapbook paper pads, stamps, embellishments, & such). I heard that Marshall's carry scrapbook goodies at 40%-50% off so we had to take a gander. Instead of scrapbook goodies because it was already well picked over I found a bunch of beautiful elegant notecards with matching envelopes by The Gifted Line. I felt like I hit the jackpot because one can never have too many stationery. LOL!!! This is what I purchased:

Each notecard set come with these detailed printed envelopes & a gorgeous decorative keepsake box. These pics don't do justice as it doesn't show all the gorgeous foil detail each notecard entails.

I brought these with me today so I can start working on some letters. I also decided to go back to pick up a few more designs for a gift. I just couldn't help myself. LOL!!! They are just too beautiful not to share.


  1. Yes, they are beautiful! I really enjoy going to Marshalls or Ross and spend time checking all the stationary they have and of course
    buying some!!

  2. These are elegant... yes they make great gifts!

  3. Those are beautiful! Isn't it great when we find lovely things to buy?

  4. So cute. I love your findings. The designs are very artsy.