Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello Friends!!!

I've neglected updating my blog with some mail art goodies I sent and received. Work is keeping me SUPER busy and sadly I haven't gotten around to posting these photos I took a while back. I hope you don't mind the photo overload. LOL!!

First I'll start with goodies I sent to Aurora:

Some random collage images I printed. I LOVE these vintage images.

More vintage images. I especially love the Hula girl. Isn't it cute?

A few items I picked up from Joanns.

Everything all package up & ready to mail. I enjoy packaging things I send in the mail.

I received a lovely mail art swap from Jacqueline~

I LOVE all the goodies she sent me. Look at this envelope. So cute!

Mail art goodies. :)

She knows how much I LOVE Hello Kitty so she sent me this adorable bag.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your enveloppe, certainly puts mine to shame. :( Love the vintage images too. :) Glad to know you liked what I sent, especailly the Hello Kitty.

  2. Jacqueline Roy ~ Hi Jacqueline!!! I LOVE your envelope. You did a wonderful job with it. Please don't feel that I put your's to shame. I am struggling to get my handwritten letter done. You may put my letter to shame. :( I have everything all packaged up. I just need to finish your letter. I took pics of all your goodies and will do another mail art post later. I hope you'll enjoy the envelope I created for you. I also wanted to say I enjoy the lovely stickers you enclosed. Everything is perfect. Thank you very much!!!!

  3. Just wanted to thank you again for a lovely envelope and goodies. ^______^ I already used some of the vintage stuff while deco'ing. xoxo

  4. Hi Jessica,

    What a lovely assortment of goodies you sent to Aurora and the envelope is lovely!
    Jacqueline sent a lovely envelope too and the goodies are great!
    Have fun and hugs