Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I haven't swapped fb's or decos in a long time and I really would like to get back into doing some swaps. Anyone interested??? I don't have a lot of excess Fb's like I used to so if you don't mind receiving new fb's or decos please let me know. The above picture are some of the old fb's & decos I passed along. I found this pic in my flickr album which was taken in 2007.

For those who aren't familiar with FB's or Decos~

Here is more info here


  1. I'll swap with you but I only do high quality FBs and art decos. Well, you've seen the ones on my blog. I could probably send you some of both next week. I'll put my entries in the decos and FBs and get them out to you on Monday. I have some Kawaii themes stuff here and vintage as well because I've noticed you like both, right?!
    Enjoy the rest of your week sweetie! Jacqueline

  2. I can send you some FBs (have lots) and some decos. ^______~

  3. I can send you some :) and would love to swap on a regular basis with you

  4. @Henderica~ I would love to swap some with you. Can I send you some new decos/fbs your way? Please message me at puakalehua at yahoo dot com I look forward to hearing from you! :)

  5. Hi there! Stephanie here. I also swap/penpal and am in need of some decos/fbs. Message me.

  6. Hi everyone! I'm interested in doing decos, slams, FBs again and swapping. I used to love doing them years ago. Please send me a email of interest in swapping.

    Thank you