Saturday, March 12, 2011

My First Blog Award~

Hello Friends!!!

I am totally honored to receive this special award from my friend Alee' at Thank you SOOOOO very much for sharing this with me. You are an inspiration to me!!!

Now onto 8 random facts about me. I hope you all enjoy it!!!

1) I have 4 sisters & 1 brother. I'm the middle child of 6. I love having a big Family and feel really blessed.

2) My blog name Kawaiislandgurl72 is inspired by my love of all things Kawaii (which mean cute in Japanese), islandgurl- because I'm originally from Hawaii, 72 my birth year.

3) Like Alee', I too have a HUGE LOVE for Hello Kitty. Ever since I was a little girl I have always adored her. Although I'm not a cat lover. I prefer dogs.

4) I enjoy penpalling. I started penpalling at the age of 11. Oh!!! the joy of receiving a handwritten letter.

5) My name Puakalehua, which is also my Youtube channel's name is actually my middle name. I am named after my late Great-Grandmother. She was my Mother's Grandmother who I adored tremendously. My name means a lot to me as it has a wondeful story behind it aside from being my grandma's name. You can read more about my name HERE

6) My Ethnicity & Age: I'm Hawaiian, Filipino, Portuguese, Puerto Rican. I'm 38 yrs. old (but really a big kid at ♥)

7) I can never go to work without having my tote bag filled with a couple letter sets, envelopes, stickers, address book, my gazillion pens, etc. I have always been this way. Now since I am doing more crafting I take a some project with me. Infact, I use to get in trouble in grade school because I would play with my stuff in class and it would always disrupt the class because I made too much noise fumbling with stuff. HA-HA!!!

8) I'm fairly new to the scrapbooking community. Although I have always had a big love for papercrafts ever since I was a little girl. My first love is stationery. Especially Sanrio & other Japanese brand stationery.

I would like to share this award with:

Please share 8 things about you. :)

Much Aloha~


  1. Jess you so deserve this girl and you are so super sweet! Thanks for sharing your info I too am not fond of cats but I adore Hello Kitty she's just too adorable to resist all the pretty stuff of hers :). Wow didn't know your middle name was Puakalehua what a sweet background of your name so sweet! LOL :) I too love all those pens and stationary lol and would get in trouble too at school how funny I was the girl that had all the cool Sanrio stuff back in the day it was so hard to get so everyone just loved it even though I was a bit naive and some of my stuff would dissapear lol, but it was ok I never stopped taking my items to school even collage lol.... TFS loved learning more about ya Jess hugs Alee'

  2. Gratz! Keep going, love your blog!

  3. Awww, thanks jess. I appreciate you choosing me. I will post it soon if my blog permits. Thanks again, girlfriend. Hugs, Friday

  4. @Alee'~ Thank you once again for choosing me. You really are such a kindred spirit. If you ever decide to come out to San Francisco please be sure to let me know. I'd love to meet up with you. We are soooo much alike. LOL!!! How funny!!! Much Aloha~ Jes

    @M'leikie~ Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    @Friday~ You are soooo welcome!!! I look forward to seeing your post. :) Have a great day!!! ♥

  5. LOL, Pua, thanks so much for selecting me! You're sooo sweet. We have a lot in common. Being from Hawaii, and being Hawaiian/Puerto Rican. I have other nationalities too...Plus I totally LOVE HELLO KITTY!!Who doesn't?? I actually went to your other website and didn't see anything for me there...but I found your blog from your FB page. Thanks again!