Thursday, November 18, 2010


Aside from crafting one of my guilty pleasures is receiving and sending mail. I call it "cute mail," as I usually decorate my letters & packages before sending them out. I have always loved getting mail and started penpalling at the age of 11 yrs. old. Now 20+ years later I am still enjoying the art of letter writing. I'm currently on a waiting list for a PO Box so I can easily exchange letters & packages (aside from my home addy).

I feel that the art of letter writing is slowly being extinct due to the internet. However, I seriously hope that people will continue to appreciate a simple card or letter rather than a digital card sent by email. I must have a TON of packages/letters that I've kept over the years that unfortunately I had to purge those from my childhood. *SIGH* I seriously wish I never got rid of them now. They all held sentimental value to me. Although I may not be able to hold a letter from a past friend I still have very fond thoughts of each and every one of them.

Anyway here is my latest outgoing mail & packages I'm currently working on:

My handmade postcards using Kawaii sticker flakes & flash cards
(MLP & The CareBears). :)

I LOVE decorating my envies. This is done in "Kawaii" style. =)

I still have a few more that I need to finish so I hope to get these out in the mail tomorrow. I'm trying my best to get these done. I've had them on hand for a week or so now. LOL!

Make someone smile today by sending a simple card or handwritten letter their way.


  1. aww i love it! i love decorating snail mail too! i think snail mail are more meaningful than emails! it shows a persons thoughtfulness and it also makes the receiver feel loved and brightens up their whole day! :) snail mail is more fun too with the anticipation and all that of waiting for the mail and also for waiting till the receiver gets the mail too! :D

  2. @Juvy~ I agree. Snail mail is fun. I love coming home to finding a letter or package in my mailbox. :)

  3. So kawaii!! It's sad that people don't take the efford to send someone a "oldschool letter". When i send a Snail mail i'll decorate it too, it's so much fun to make a decorative "thingie" for someone and i'm convinced that it makes the receiver happy!